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IntouchLive’s close partner, Erin Burns of INSURETrust, inspired us to dedicate our next event to a cause which is very near and dear to her heart, Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2). In support of Erin and her family, the net proceeds raised at this event will be going directly to her cause, the #Erik4Ever grant.


This is Erin’s story:


“My brother Erik was in the prime of his life when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in November of 2020 while only having symptoms for the previous few weeks. Otherwise looking at him, you would have thought he was impeccable help and for all intents and purposes he was. Between that and zero family history, we were all dumbfounded by the diagnosis. The cancer had already spread to his liver and lungs by the time of his diagnosis. Over the next 13 months, despite aggressive treatments, it would continue to spread to his bones, spine and brain before taking his life December 10, 2021. During his entire fight he stayed positive that a solution would be found up until the very end. He also became an advocate for prevention and early detection. If he had known he may be at risk, he may still be alive today. Prevention and early detection are key.


After his passing, searching for some answers, a purpose and keeping his memory and spirit alive, I was introduced to HCB2. Unlike many cancer charities who focus on raising funds to find a cure, HCB2 focuses on education, prevention and early detection. I knew if Erik had been able to beat his cancer, he would have been HCB2’s number one supporter. So we dove in. My daughter joined the junior board, and I became a very loud voice for the organization. HCB2 was so grateful for our efforts they created the #4Erik4Ever grant which makes all funds raised in his honor and memory able to be directed by his love ones as to where they are spent. I plan on using this vehicle to not only honor his memory but to be his voice on the importance of prevention and early detection. He already has and will continue to save lives with this message.”


To learn more about HCB2 and how you can help raise colon cancer awareness, visit: Home – Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (hcb2.org).


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